Perfmint is a performance focused cms for developers.

Perfmint is a performance focused cms for developers.

Perfint is an open source software for generating and hosting content. It is based on contentlayer and mdx and tuned for high performance.

What is Perfmint

Perfmint is a cms framework meant for developers which focuses on building high performance websites with very little complexity. It is built using NextJs, React, Tailwind and Contentlayer.

Why Perfmint ?

There is no shortage of cms in the world. However we noticed that most of them are either too complex or too costly to host. We really liked Jykell and other static site generators however with time developers love to add more features, create more interactive features, add database support and so on. At that point they chose to move away from static site generaters and pick something entirely new.

Perfmint is really is a boilerplate for static site generations but at the same time it is built on extremely expressive tools which do not prevent from building an as complex a website as you want.


Perfmint has many features any modern cms should have.

  • MDX based content model.
  • Static site generation (SSG) by default.
  • Based on Tailwind css.
  • In-built code highlighters if you need to run a coding blog.
  • Host either on Vercel of Google cloud with few commands.
  • Without any efforts get a perfect score on Web Vitals and SEO metrics.
  • In built social media sharing, open graph image generation tools.

How to use it ?

Wiseland currently has this framework made available to our beta users. We plan to make it fully open source for the benefit of community.

You can participate in our beta program by writing to us on

Who is this framework targeted for ?

If you are a content website who wishes to host your pages in a highly performant manner so they appear very high on major search engines than you should seriously consider this framework.

Is there any examples of Perfmint I can see live ?

Yes. You can visit one of our beta partner's website here.