Expertease. Software for your consulting business.

Expertease. Software for your consulting business.

What is Expertease

Experteast is a software primarily meant for non technical consultant to offer their expert opinion to paying customers. This can be for Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers and any other kind of expert. Currently our customers are mostly doctors offering their second opinion

Features of Expertease

  • You own all the data.
  • Custom integrations with specialized medical and legal domain software possible.
  • All communication happens without the need to be face to face with your customer.
  • Set your own prices and collect payments directly into your bank account.

Is there a demo ?

We do not have an online demo as each expert case is very different but write to us on and our sales team will be glad to go through a demo.


Pricing is custom based on your needs and specialized integrations but we will work with you to make sure it is profitable for you. Please reach out to our business team on