NextJs based architecture

NextJs based architecture

NextJS based architecture for Wiseland's new products.

Wiseland's initial products like Bookstruck CMS were based on Angular and Java. However our new products like Fastlearn LMS and Expertease are based on NodeJS power framework NextJS which uses Typescript and React. Our infrastructure continues to run on Google cloud and for smaller customers we run our containers on Goolge Cloud Run.

New Team members

We have hired new team members in India and San Jose in last 1 year to specifically hand craft our frontends and rest of the tech stack. Tanvi from San Jose has been working on building our front end stack and Siddhesh, Vivek and Srishti have been working from India to build our backends and devops infrastructure.

Our team is 100% remote and distributed though we do have a office in capital of silicon valley, San Jose.

Career Options

We are not hiring at the moment. However feel free to drop your resume at to ensure we reach out to you when you have need.