Introducing Expertease

Introducing Expertease

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Expertease is a unique software product that allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your field and then dispense advice and opinions to those who pay for it.

Expertease is an AI-powered software that you can use to give your expert advice for paying customers. For example, if you are a doctor who wants to give second opinions to patients who are willing to pay, you can use our software to start your business in minutes. We take care of privacy, payments, and other support.

Our software is currently being used by several doctors around India who offer telemedicine services to their patients.

Case Study: Helping Cancer Patients With Telemedicine

In serious diseases such as cancer, it is important that patients seek multiple opinions before they decide to undergo more intensive treatment such as surgery or chemotherapy. Our software helps some of the best oncologists in the country to offer quick second opinions to their patients.

When my doctor said that the tumor in my scan could be cancerous, I was devastated. I took multiple opinions, and when the majority of doctors opined that the tumor was benign, I was convinced and relieved. - A Patient.

How Expertease Works for the Medical Second Opinion Business

  • The doctor works with us to set up their Expertease instance. We assist with setup, customizations, and SEO, so no technical knowledge is necessary.
  • The patient who wants to get a second opinion from the doctor creates an account with the website and follows the instructions. Patients do not have to pay anything upfront.
  • The patient uploads their case file and DICOM imaging files. The doctor is notified via email and text.
  • The doctor does a quick review and informs the patient whether the reports are worth reviewing. The doctor may also note down their opinion of the report. If the reports are insufficient and the doctor has more follow-up questions, the patient will receive notification about that as well.
  • Once the patient receives notification that their uploaded files have sufficient information, they are asked to go ahead with the payment. After the payment is made, the doctor's opinion is released to the patient.
  • Doctors may also do a face-to-face video conference using our built-in secure video conferencing tool. All payments are processed using Wiseland's payment processing service and deposited into the doctor's bank account.


Each expert may have different needs. Medical professionals often need to view proprietary medical image formats in their browser, whereas other experts, such as accountants and tax professionals, have different needs.

We do all customizations based on your own unique needs for additional discounted rates.

How AI Assists the Experts

Our products have AI tools built into all stages of the product. We are able to assist our experts in drafting their messages, extracting information from images, and translating the messages into different languages.