IndicForum partners with Wiseland Inc.

IndicForum partners with Wiseland Inc.

Introduction is a San Jose-based non-profit that focuses on history and culture. Over the years, the IndicForum community has grown a lot and is moving into education and live events. Wiseland Inc has a very long history and deep expertise in content generation and management. Wiseland Inc. is helping IndicForum create their digital strategy using Wiseland's Perfmint content management platform and seamless integration with AI-powered tools.

IndicForum's community model

IndicForum organizes Zoom events for participants which involve bringing experts to talk about their books. The audience can then ask questions and engage in a healthy discussion. A summary of this discussion is published and videos are then circulated across the platform. IndicForum needs a robust and lightweight software to manage registrations, send out emails, and automatically upload the videos to their social media presence. Wiseland Inc's Perfmint Open Source software provides all that.

The future

With this new partnership, IndicForum wants to scale beyond monthly events and instead help experts create more events on demand. It also wants to do more live lectures and more interactive sessions. Additionally, another program is to create courses which people can take in a MOOC format. Wiseland Inc. will provide all the technological support for these features using their open source PerfMint software.