Launch announcement:

Launch announcement:

Introduction is our new portal dedicated to publish high quality and developer centric AI content, developer tutorials and AI news. Along with website it will also feature a newsletter that will bring very exclusive content to your mailbox every month.

Why AIAuthority

While AI is not a new technology the breakthroughs in LLMs have opened up new possibilities in this field. This means the developers need to train and retrain themselves on the latest trends and quickly master new skills. The companies too need a fresh thinking about how to use AI in their operations and benefit from technologies like LLMs.

We focus bringing not just hand on developer tips and tutorials but also content that will help business leaders decide their company's AI strategy.

Who will write for AI Authority

Wiseland's silicon valley based AI engineering team will write the content primarily but we will also have guest authors and other industry experts write for us from time to time.

Since we focus on diversity of AI related content we will have engineers, economists, journalists, researchers and entreprenuers writing for us and talking about how AI is going to impact their fields.


AI Authority is 100% free and will remain free for foreseable future. We do not plan to run this protal for monetization however if you wish you could sponsor it via provided link on the website.

Questions, Requests, Submissions

Please send your questions, press inquiries, requests and writing submissions to